How to Disable iOS 11 Update Reminder (kill the nag)

Stop iOS update nag
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“I do not want to update my iOS to iOS 11 or newer, but Apple’s iOS keeps nagging me all the time with a reminder. “Update” or “Remind me later”. This is very annoying… how to stop or prevent that?”

There is a solution to get rid of this insisting reminder once and for all. Before we get to the solution, you as the reader should know, that Apple does everything to have as many people as possible installing the latest updates. To prevent jailbreaking, for security reasons and to keep all the developers busy. Yes, there are pros and cons, I personally don’t like the fact that we developers are forced to update their apps like… every week or so… most of us have ordinary jobs as devs and don’t want to waste our free time just updating our apps without adding new features… argh! OK… enough of self-pity.


When you delete the automatically downloaded update package, you won’t receive any reminders anymore (until there is a new update and assuming you keep “automatic updates” activated. It will be then downloaded in the background again – but not the same version you deleted, only if a newer is available! – and you have to go through the follwing steps again). But at least iOS will let you in peace for some time.

If you combine the solution mentioned above and deactivate “automatic updates” too, you will have your peace until you decide to update yourself.

First, deactivate automatic updates:

  1. Go to Settings > iTunes & App Stores
  2. Deactivate the option “Updates”

Second, delete the previously downloaded update to kill the nag














  1. Go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage
  2. Manage Storage
  3. Find the iOS Update and tap on it
  4. Delete the update (confirm if prompted again)
Stop iOS update nag
Now… peace enjoy you can.










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